Holiday of a Lifetime – When and How should you take it?

Dreaming of your holiday of a lifetime? What if you were planning it, instead of wondering if that dream was ever going to come true?

That is possible, so let’s talk about that a bit more. After all, who doesn’t want to think about something exciting in dreary January?

A holiday of a lifetime can mean different things to each of us…

For some it might mean going to see the Northern Lights. That means choosing the right time of year, and even then there’s no guarantee!

For others it could be a trip to the Serengeti to see the wild animals and then on to a relaxing time by the pool.

Or maybe your dream is to watch the gorillas in their natural habitat in Rwanda or Uganda – trekking through the rainforest to see these magnificent animals.

Of course, your choice of holiday will also dictate timing. If you want to trek through rainforests, or up mountains, then you are going to need to be fit and healthy. So, waiting until you’re in retirement may not be the best option.

Needless to say, every country also has different times of the year when it is good to visit, or good to avoid. You won’t want to go in the middle of the hurricane season!

Equally, where you want to go and what you want to do will affect the cost. And that’s usually the biggest factor affecting whether or not we keep dreaming, or actually take that holiday.

As you know, I am a huge fan of having a lifeplan. I don’t want you to just dream. I want to help you make your dreams a reality. And some of those dreams should be sooner rather than later – not all stored up for retirement.

So, I always encourage clients to put those holidays of a lifetime on their plan. If you don’t plan for it, it’s definitely never going to happen!

Part of the plan is to get an idea of costs. That will help you to determine when it might be possible to go – it might not be for two to three years, but nevertheless it is going to be a reality, not a dream.

When you do your annual review it’s worth just checking in to make sure the costs you have predicted remain accurate. And, also reflecting on whether that still is your dream holiday.

Of course, having an expensive holiday is a luxury.

It’s important that you cover the basics first – your standard living expenses need to be met before dreaming. And that also includes protecting your loved ones – so life cover, pension and so on.

Whilst the ideal way to fund such a luxury might be savings and investments, unless you unexpectedly receive some additional funds, you need to decide what’s most important to you.

While I would never encourage clients to get into debt, equally I want you to live your best life right now, not wait for a time that may never come. Too often recently, I have had clients or friends who have been taken too early.

So, how you fund it and when you take that very special holiday depends on many factors, but mostly it depends on you. But maybe those gorillas aren’t so far away after all…

If you would like to talk more about your lifeplan and holiday of a lifetime, please contact me on 01344 875 310.

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holiday of a lifetime
Start getting a return on your life…

First steps: Take your free Return on Life Index assessment