Is it time to consider the next chapter of your life?

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year like no other. We have all faced challenges we would rather not have, and for many that has caused us to re-evaluate and reflect on our lives.

It’s easy to assume that just because we have always done something a certain way, it has to carry on like that.

Let’s explore this in a little more detail…

I recently had a client who was made redundant from a challenging and often stressful role. It was a huge blow to him, and he needed to pick himself up.

Once the dust had settled, he reached out to me for a chat. We started to talk about what might be possible. He felt it was going to be challenging to find a new job, so I asked him if he wanted another stressful full-time role.

Then we explored what his finances were looking like. Having looked at his investments and pensions, I established a figure he could draw each month. He was very pleasantly surprised.

Suddenly his world started to look different…

Instead of commuting into central London, and being part of the rat race, he could step off that hamster wheel. He could take a part time job closer to home, with less stress and free up time for other interests.

He was delighted to find out all that was possible, and he has now started a new chapter in his life.

Of course, that’s not possible for everybody right now. And equally, it may not be the right solution for you.

But it does beg the question – what is right for you?

And that’s what I really want you to think about. What does a great life look like for you and your family?

Both now and into the future. For many people moving from a stressful full-time job to complete retirement is a step too far. They suddenly realise that they have lost their sense of purpose and miss the mental stimulation.

So, perhaps this looks like semi-retirement? Working in your current role but stepping back from some of the responsibility? Or perhaps doing some consultancy work, or contract roles when the fancy takes you.

You may have keen charity interests and want a chance to give back to a cause close to your heart.

How about resurrecting some long forgotten interests? When I was at school I was a keen drummer. Now I’ve got myself a new set of drums, and a friend has dusted off his bass guitar, and we have a great time jamming for a couple of hours each month. I’d forgotten how enjoyable it was and a real stress buster!

Remember, just because there are certain expectations of how to live life, it doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. You have the right to live your life the way you want to live it.

So, as we get towards the end of this awful year, I want you to sit down with your family and talk about what you would like life to be like in 2021 and beyond.

And then let’s have a chat about how you can make that happen. Give me a call on 01344 875 310 to arrange a meeting.

Start getting a return on your life…

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Is it time to consider the next chapter of your life?
Start getting a return on your life…

First steps: Take your free Return on Life Index assessment