Why Lifestyle Financial Planning could work for you

So you’ve read some of our website, and you’ve heard about lifestyle financial planning, and now you’re wondering if it’s right for you.

For those over “ahem”, a certain age (45+), we have been brought up with certain life expectations…

We do our time in education, and then move on to have a career. Coupled with that, we get married and often we have a family.

Of course, things don’t always stay the same – we might move jobs, we might get divorced, and our families might grow.

But, we still have this focus on working towards retirement. So, we are working hard, trying to look after our family, and saving for the day we give up work.

In principle, that’s fine. But in reality, unfortunately, life often doesn’t work out that way.

Sadly, we have personal experience of watching people work very hard all their lives, and then lose their life before they have reached retirement age.

That leaves a great deal of sadness behind – not only does the family grieve for the person they have lost, but the time they could have enjoyed together, if they hadn’t worked such long hours, and the plans for leisure time that never saw fruition.

We urge all of our clients not to focus their financial plans solely on retirement. You should have shorter term goals – things that you would like to do now or in the foreseeable future, rather than waiting until you are older and no longer working.

Your goal is to start dreaming bigger. To think about what a great future would look like for you. Your job is to build that bucket list, make that mood board, dream those dreams…

Our job is then to assess your current finances and set up, and recommend what you need to do to make those dreams come true.

So, could lifestyle financial planning work for you?

Yes, if you don’t want to stay on the hamster wheel until retirement. Yes, if you want to enjoy your life right now, rather than waiting. Yes, if you want to look back on a life well lived rather than one with regret.

If you would like to learn more about lifestyle financial planning, please contact us on 01344 875 310 – we’d be delighted to help.

Start getting a return on your life…

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lifestyle financial planning
Start getting a return on your life…

First steps: Take your free Return on Life Index assessment