Living Life on Purpose

Living Life on Purpose – what does that mean to you? This is about your reason for getting up in the morning. What sparks you to have a spring in your step?

It’s easy for us to focus on money and what that delivers for us. But the excitement of buying more “things” soon wears off, and we are often looking for the next high.

Purpose is about bringing meaning into your life.

So, yes, of course things like stability, financial security and creature comforts play a part, but it is about so much more than just that.

This is about your emotional and physical wellbeing.

And it is likely to be more than one thing that delivers for you…

Some form of physical exercise that gets your heart racing. This is something I am keen on encouraging. Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym and pounding the treadmill, it could mean going for a walk or a cycle ride, playing golf or dancing.

I believe everybody can find some form of exercise that they enjoy and doesn’t feel like a chore. When they find that joy it gives purpose.

Some people are fortunate enough to find their job delivers much of their purpose. Most of the medical profession choose their job because they have a genuine desire to heal and help people. Likewise most teachers want to help children learn and have bright futures.

Their jobs may not always be easy, and indeed are often very stressful, but they are also hugely rewarding.

You may well also have a job that gives you fulfilment. But, if you haven’t?

I encourage you to reflect on what might give you that same sense of fulfilment.

Do you love your family and wish you could spend more time with them? Then maybe group cooking one night per week would be a good start. Or movie night with a bowl of popcorn in front of the TV. Turning off the electronics and having a games night. Or a whole family walk with the dog – two joys for the price of one!

It could even be the pleasure of reading to children/grandchildren. Talking about your own childhood.

And, talking of pleasure, what about hobbies and interests you have always wanted to pursue?

Playing an instrument, drawing, painting or just reading some of those books on the shelf. Learning a new skill –  garden design, photography, cooking – whatever works for you. Taking time for yourself helps our mental health and allows us to relax. We feel less frantic – that we are always on the hamster wheel. This supports our sense of purpose.

If you know you would enjoy the feeling of being able to give back, then think about the causes and beliefs that are dear to you.

Do you care about animal welfare? Then maybe you could volunteer at an animal shelter, or do some fundraising. Do you care about children’s education? Then maybe you could volunteer at a local school, or become a school governor.

In reality, we could all find a few hours per week that we know we fritter away – on our phones, watching TV and so on. Making a commitment to spend just 2-3 hours per week giving back would soon deliver that sense of purpose. And who knows what it could lead to?

Finding time to pursue opportunities, hobbies, interests and spend time with those we love is essential to our sense of purpose. And that’s just as important now as in retirement. In fact, exploring this now can start to shape your blueprint for a happy and fulfilling retirement.

When people look back and reflect on their life they rarely regret money spent, or possessions owned. It is the sense of purpose that truly gives them a Return on Life.

If you would like to explore achieving a return on your life and finding your purpose, please give me a call on 01344 875 310.

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living life on purpose
Start getting a return on your life…

First steps: Take your free Return on Life Index assessment